Frequently Asked Questions

How Soon Should You Book?

We recommend booking 3-8 weeks out from your desired moving date. We cannot guarantee the availability, but we will try our best!

How Do You Prepare the Customs Paperwork?

We send you a list of documentation required.

We prefill the TOR & C&E 1076 for you based on your booking details and then send via UPS for your physical signature. We include a return label as well.

How Long Will You Have to Load Your Container?

From 1 - 5 days. It depends on the steamship line and your local ordinances.

For example, in metropolitan areas like Chicago or New York, you can only have the container on the street for 1 day. In certain neighborhoods and suburbs, you can have a container parked on the street for up to 4 days.

If you have a driveway, we will have the container delivered to your driveway for up to 5 days.

Can You Insure Your Shipment?

Absolutely! We partner with CargoCover by Marsh.

How Long Do You Have to Unload Your Container

Standard unloading time is 2 hours. This may seem like not enough time, but we've rarely had anyone go over that amount of time.

How Long Does It Take For Your Container to Arrive?

Based on where you are shipping from, it can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks.

The East coast of the US to Ireland/Europe is 3-5 weeks, depending on the time of year.

West Coast is 9-12 weeks, depending on the time of year.